Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I have no idea what this is, but it reminded me of me trying to keep about a million balls in the air at once.  My great grandson left it here on his last visit.  I think of him every time I look at it. 
And one of those balls that I’ve been trying to keep in the air is my paper pieced “I spy” quilt that I hope to give to my grandson.  I have finally completed all my paper pieced blocks and have them ready to sew together with the sashing.   It was so much fun looking for special fabrics to use in the center of each block.  I’m still collecting them as I’ll probably make one or two more quilts.  As Buffie promised, I've become a paper piecing addict.   I have lots of great grandchildren who I bet would enjoy this quilt. Following are some of my more recent blocks and probably my favorites.

Above is my pile of blocks all marked for sewing.  I hope to show you the finished quilt soon.

In the mean time I have a couple of links you might be interested in.  Check out Quiltyvisionusa.  Click on your state, or the state you will be visiting, and find quilts shops you would like to visit.

Quilt Story has a Monkey ladders Quilt tutorial for you. 

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!


Terry said...

Your blocks are so pretty! They're going to make a beautiful quilt! :0)

Barb said...

Yep, feel like that all of the time.

Your quilt is just awesome, your grandson will love it!

Jo said...

Thats Squidward, Spongebob's friend. Ask me how i know...yep, grandson!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I made an I Spy quilt for my Grandson last year. They are so much fun to shop for. I have enough fabric to make at least 2 more (for future grandchildren :))
Your design is nice and bright and fun.

Mama Pea said...

Maybe your grandson is trying to tell you something? :-) I like that little guy. I need one! I need that many hands!

I love how your blocks turned out. What a great quilt it's going to be. We still only have ONE block! haha!

Mary said...

Your quilt is awesome. Now I see what kind of centers you are looking for. I am away, But I think I found a cute fairy today! I can't wait to start on mine. Your inspiration is wonderful.

Lynn said...

Darling blocks! This is going to be a spectacular quilt!

Vicky F said...

Hi Caroll,
Very cute blocks! How big is the quilt you're planning?

Hey, I'm up on Squidward because my sister fills me in on all things SpongeBob. You have to see the cartoon, and once you do, you'll never have Squardward's annoying nasally voice out of your head!
Vicky F

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Quilting Teachers at the shop.
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