Thursday, May 2, 2013


I have no idea what happened, but this block looks nothing like the sample block that I posted about here.  I swear to you, I followed the directions.
Maybe I read the directions wrong.  But it said to use the light cream fabric with red to make C, D, E.  As stated, I used the black swirl for A and B. (Maybe I used the wrong black fabric.) But after I had made my squares and half square triangles and tried to move on to the next step, I discovered I didn’t have enough fabric.  On retrospect, I vaguely remember Chris saying something about the fabrics in the kit and those with this should do that.  (Maybe if I didn't wait until the last minute to make these blocks, I would remember what to do.) But I goofed.  I couldn't remember.  So I improvised.  I swear by the time I was finished with this block I was ready for a bottle glass of wine.  How about you?  Have you completed your blocks for the Attic Window Quilt Shop Sampler Series?  The first class in May will be held this Saturday.  Hope to see you there and look forward to hearing your stories about making this block.  Don’t forget to bring your projects for Show-n-Tell.


Quilters Road Trip is being held during the months of April, May, and June.  Twelve area shops are participating.  You get a chance to win a $25 gift certificate each month at each shop.  Also available will be new projects, patterns and giveaways.  You can get your Passport at the Attic Window Quilt Shop for only $5.

: Narcoleptic In A Cupboard has a nice tutorial for making a Spider Web block.  I’ve never made one before, but this tutorial looks a little different from the ones I’ve seen before.  Take a look.

Until next time,

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Terry said...

Whatever you did, it's a beautiful block! :0)

Lynn said...

In the sample different fabric was used for the star points. You didn't use different fabric, so you couldn't put the dark rectangles next to the star center in the flying geese units. But I love your block. It is different from the sample, but that just means your quilt won't be like any one else's.

That is an interesting spider web block! Thanks for the link. I would use freezer paper, but not sew through the paper. I believe I showed how I do this on my blog. I think there is a link to that post on my tutorials tab. I should check to make sure and put a link there if it isn't already.

barbara woods said...

Looks great to me

OhioLori said...

It's an Awesome block!!! Thinkin' I like it better!! :)

Val Spiers said...

It looks great. Sometimes the best things are created by accident .

paulette said...

I like your block WAY better!! Good for you!!

Mimi said...

Looks pretty good to me too!

Mama Pea said...

I love your block. It's perfect. I looked at the sample. Yours is exactly the same. And your points are perfect. You should be proud of it!

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Quilting Teachers at the shop.
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