Sunday, August 6, 2017


Hello Quilters.  I wasn't able to get to the Attic Window Quilt Shop this weekend, so I don't have any pictures from there to show you.  I did get a new camera (my kids got it for me for my birthday) and I've been playing with it.  So, I'll show you what I've been up to today.  It really is a bit of this and that.  I can't seem to make up my mind which project to focus on.  Have you ever had days like that?  Above is a cat wall hanging that I'm working on.  I can't figure out how to draw the whiskers on the cat so I can stitch them.  I'll have to ask Brian since his wall hanging inspired me to make one too.
While cleaning, I found twelve Grandmother's Flower Garden English Paper Piecing pieces that I started probably ten years ago.  Since I will be dog sitting next week, I thought doing handwork upstairs might be a good idea.  That way I can keep an eye on the dogs.  So I spent much time today making the card stock templates for those little white diamonds around each flower.
And, last but not least, I worked on this little phone case that my daughter asked me to make.  Some time ago I made a Slouch bag for her out of this fabric. You can see that bag here.  Yesterday she complained because, "everything falls to the bottom and I can't find my phone."  She thinks a little case, without a zipper, only a flap, will enable her to reach down into that bag and easily grab her phone.  Well, we'll see how that works.   Right now, I'm waiting for her to tell me if this is the correct size for her phone before I finish this project.
Don't forget Happy Scrappers meets on Wednesday and Cathy will show us how to make these cooling scarves.

PS:  I think the new camera is working okay, don't you?

  • Charity Quilts, Monday, August 7
  • Bee, Tuesday, August 8
  • Happy Scrappers, Wednesday, August 9
  • Doll Bee, Thursday, August 10
  • UFO Night, Friday, August 11
  • Happy Scrappers, Saturday, August 12
  • Tea Rose Home has a tutorial for a swaddle blanket with self binding.
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bobbi said...

Thanks to your recent post showing Cathy wearing such a neck-cooling scarf (and since I live too far away to join you in her class :o)), I decided I had to see if it really cools.... researched and ordered silica gel..... came this weekend and I made a red one for my daughter to test. It´s an awesome idea, really cools she says and I guess I´ll have to make lots to give away while it´s still hot!
Thanks so much also to Cathy from me-- my peeps don´t know yet what they´re in for and they´ll love these scarves!
We´re enjoying nice weather so not busy enough in the sewing room lately. Happy sewing and dog sitting, be well and hugs!

Lynn said...

Look forward to seeing the rest of your kitty when finished! Love the sneak peek. Congrats on the new camera. Pictures look great!

Allie-oops Designs said...

Well Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!! What a great gift! I love the sneak peek of your kitty, how cool is that. Pretty flowers, great phone case - maybe you could attach a cord to it that she could clip to her purse, on the inside, so she could just grab her phone? Love those cool ties, I bought one at a state fair one time when it was 100F.

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Quilting Teachers at the shop.
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