Friday, October 8, 2010


We had show and tell last Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop when the First Saturday Quilting Bee met. Above is a Rail Fence by Judy. I love her bright colors.

This is by Cathy M. She said this hand stitching was her summer project. Love the colors and the design. Reminds me of my childhood.

MOM: Speaking of childhood, let me tell you a story about my mother. The other day I took Mom to the senior center for bingo and lunch. By the time we got back home I was feeling sluggish and decided to take a walk while Mom took her nap. On my walk, I noticed several trees with unusual leaves. I picked up a fallen leaf and thought about how I could use this design in a quilt. I gathered several more unique leaves along the way and was planning my design in my head when a nice looking young man crossed my path. We smiled and he said, “Grandson has a leaf collection, huh?” I just nodded yes and walked on. When I got home, I told Mom about the man’s comments and how I thought it funny that he just assumed my grandson had a leaf collection. Mom said, “Wow, what a great conversation starter. I never thought of that. Sure beats hassling with kids, or walking behind a stinky dog. Let me have those leaves when you get through. I’ll take them with me on my next walk.” Must be nice to be nearly 93 and still have dreams. ;o)

U Create has a free Halloween appliqué pattern. You can use this one in various ways, child’t T-shirt, wall hanging, placemat, etc. Click on the “free downloads” and it will take you to other free patterns.

Stay Positive!

Until next time,


Barb said...

That rail fence is just gorgeous.

Your mother has a postive way of looking at things...great story.

Allie said...

Love the stitched quilt - really pretty! Your mum is so funny - mine is the same way, never giving up hope, lol!

Mama Pea said...

I think I love your mom. What a great story. That hand stitching on the heart quilt is really great!

Quilting Teachers at the shop.

Quilting Teachers at the shop.
Chris, Marilyn, Jill, Lee Anne, Sue, Vickie

Quilts For Wheels

Quilts For Wheels
Many thanks and much appreciation goes to the women who work diligently each month to make quilts for those in wheel chairs. Kudos go to: Yvonne, Mary T., Fran, Joan, Mary Ellen, Barb, Lee Ann, Nancy, Mary.

Quilting for Kids With Cancer

Quilting for Kids With Cancer
Generosity has no bounds. Above are the women in the Quilts For Kids group at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Left to right, Henrietta, Phyllis, Nancy, Carol, Karen. These women donate their time, fabric, money once a month to make quilts for kids who have cancer.