Thursday, January 31, 2013


 Yesterday Alamosa Quilter posted about the Triple Zip Along that A Quilter’s Table is hosting.  I’ve wanted to make this bag as I need to stretch my skills in that “zipper” area.  Today while shopping with some friends, I picked out the fabrics.  I like them; however one of my friends didn’t like the stripes.  I figure I’m not that great at doing things with zippers, so I wasn’t going to spend any more time trying to find the perfect fabric.  We’d already been shopping for over an hour.  Like I said, I like these fabrics and the contrasting zippers. 
This is another look at the fabrics, without the zippers.  I’m trying to decide if I want to feature the bottom fabric as I have done here or the red in the first picture.  You’ll see what I mean when you see the bag at A Quilter’s Table blog.  What do you think?
Look what I did this afternoon!  I made that Sampler block that I put off making yesterday.  Lynn was a big help in making those half square triangles.  You can see what I mean by going to the Tips section on her blog here.  My block is not perfect, but I think all this practice is helping.

On Another Note:  Since we’re talking about bags today, I thought you might like to see the cute little ruffle coin purse tutorial that Clover and Violet has.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Can you believe this Friday is February 1st?  Where has January gone?  A new month means the February meetings of the Sampler Series are being held at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  I participate in the Sampler Series in the hopes of improving my piecing skills.  We are supposed to come to each monthly meeting ready to show our blocks that we have made from the previous month’s instructions.  Naturally, I put off making my blocks until the last minute.

Each month we are to make a 12” block and two 6” blocks.  Today I made the large block and one of the smaller blocks.

Above is a picture of the sample blocks that Chris made to show us how the blocks should look.  I took this picture so I wouldn’t forget.  Notice:  Right away when I looked at that picture today I noticed I goofed on the first block.  The black flying Geese are in the wrong place, but I’m not about to unstitch it.  The smaller block turned out okay.  Now notice which block I did not do!  It must have over a thousand little pieces in it!!  Yikes!!  And it's only a 6" block!  I will make it…someday soon, when I’m not so tired or busy or …well, I will make it.  After all, this is to help me improve my skills, and it looks like this block will put those skills to the test.  For those of you in the Grand Rapids area I ask you…Do you have your Sampler blocks finished?

On Another Note:   Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  Quilt Inspiration has a whole slew of free hearts and valentines patterns.  Check it out. 

PS:  It is now thundering and raining and poor Mr. Snowman is gone.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


After all the work I did over the weekend, I decided Monday was a day to play…especially when my favorite male came for a visit.  What do you do with a 3 ½ year old male?  You make a snowman!  My daughter had brought me a snowman kit a couple of years ago that included all the makings, except the snow.  We haven’t had much snow since then and when we did no great grandchild was around and I felt a little funny making a snowman all by myself.  (The neighbors think I’m a little wacky as it is.  ;o)
I expect Mr. Snowman to be gone tomorrow as the temperature is predicted to be in the 50s.  Well, what can you expect…I live in Michigan!

On Another Note
:  Feeling Hexy?  Stop by With Heart and Hands and see all the Free Patterns, Links, and Tutes.

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Monday, January 28, 2013


Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.  I got some sewing done and I’d like to tell you about it and ask a question.  I finally decided to tackle the Modern Monday Quilt Along quilt and put the blocks together.  I had hoped to do something different, but in the end I sashed each block and put them together in rows.  I chose three different gray fabrics for the sashings.  So I started out sashing these 21 blocks in a dark gray.
Then I sashed another 21 in a lighter gray fabric.
 Then I sashed the rest of the blocks in this light gray fabric!  Whew!  I was exhausted when I completed all that cutting, sewing and pressing!
 Then I placed the blocks on the family room carpet to get an idea of where I wanted them and gathered them together in marked rows.  That’s Mo helping in the background.  Why do cats think it is their duty to lay on any piece of fabric you place on the floor?  She’s probably not too happy at me right now because I shooed her away.
 Then, there was MORE cutting and pressing and stitching!!!!! 
Here are the blocks sewn together.
This is a close up.  Now, my question is, why do people complain about appliqué?  When I teach my freezer paper method of appliqué, people usually turn their nose up and complain about all that prep work.  Geeze!  It is no way as time consuming or back breaking as what I did this weekend!  And I’m not through yet! Now I have to study the quilt and try to figure out how on earth I’m going to quilt it!  Gads, what I don’t do for my grandson! ;O)

Check out the Calendar on the Sidebar
.  There are several new classes this week, including Fab Five Fun, Fast & Flirty with Carolyn E; Little Duffle with Cindy S.; E-Reader Cover with Sue.   You can see details about these and other classes on the calendar on the Sidebar or call the shop for information and to register.

On Another NoteVal Spiers Sews has a nice tutorial and links for making hexagon coasters!

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Friday, January 25, 2013


This is what I’ve been working on this week.  I posted a picture before, when I had it on the frame.  It is now finished.  Above you can see how it would look at a table runner. (Although, I laid this on the floor to take a picture because it would overwhelm my small table.)
But when you look at it this way you can see how it would work as a wall hanging.  I have the perfect spot for it on a wall in my hall.  This quilt is Flower Pops from the book Skinny Quilts  by Kim Schaefer.  This pattern can be made into a bed runner, table topper or wall hanging.  I had to adjust the pattern a bit since I wanted it shorter than a bed runner. 
I also made this little bunny wall hanging.  The pattern is We’re All Ears in McCall’s Quilting Magazine, January/February 2013.

I'm Linking Up to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today.  Check it out and see what others are doing.

On Another NoteThe Girl Who Quilts has a clever idea for a quilted bathmat.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today I’d like to feature Barb David.  I know this quilt is a little difficult to see as it is done with black thread on white fabric.  But I wanted to show you the entire quilt before I gave you some close ups.
I previously blogged about this quilt when Barb brought the blocks she was working to Knotty Girls Stitching Bee.  You can see that post here.  Barb is one active lady, busy making charity quilts, teaching classes, and writing books, among other things.  
  Not only is Barb’s output amazing, but her stitching is amazing as well.  Barb teaches Redwork at the Attic Window Quilt Shop,  I blogged about her recent Redwork quilt here .     Barb also teaches Twilling and has published her second book on how to do the Twilling Stitch. The book is filled with clearly written instructions and patterns.  I blogged about it here.  There is also a link to Barb's book site on my sidebar.  If you haven’t done any Twilling, I would highly recommend it. Warning:  It’s addictive!

This pattern is Vintage Tin by Crabapple hill.  Doesn’t it make you think of long ago times?  For me it brings back fond memories.

Thank you Barb for sharing your awesome talents with us.  

DON'T FORGET:  The Heart of Winter Tour is fast approaching.  Call the Attic Window and make your reservations ASAP as space is limited.  I'm looking forward to making this Tour again as I has such a fantastic time last year. 

ON ANOTHER NOTECrazy Mom Quilts has a tutorial for Running In Circles. 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Remember this quilt? Today was the first BOM meeting at the Attic Window Quilt Shop for making this quilt.  It is Whimsical Garden by Piece O’ Cake Designs.
Chris had kits put together for us and we all got down to work.
Most of them wanted to do the Freezer Paper method of applique, which surprised me.  I was more than happy to show them how I do it.  It's my way to applique.
Quilters amaze me.  They are so creative!  It’s a window.  It’s a door.  It’s a light box!
I caught Cathy off guard.  She was really concentrating when I yelled at her to look up.
A couple quilters stopped by just to sew and chat.  What better place to spend the afternoon sewing and being with friends.
This pattern is so versatile.  Last year I took three of the blocks and made this wall hanging.  I hung it in my newly refurbished laundry room.   I can’t wait until next month when I’ll show you the blocks everyone completed.

On Another Note: Chock-A-Block Quilt Blocks has lots of interesting blocks for you.  Scroll down and see them all and how to make them.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Thursday, January 24th, is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day and a great time to visit the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  Why?  There are a lot of reasons why.  The shop is staffed with knowledgeable people.  There are interesting classes.   Perhaps the most valuable thing the shop offers is community.  It is a place for people of like interests to gather.  There are Bees and Stitch-Ins and charitable groups such as Quilts for Wheels and Cancer Kids Quilt Group.  Chris, the shop owner (seen above) is a savvy buyer who keeps a wide variety of fabrics, books and patterns available.   Sometimes pictures are better than words, so let me show you around the shop. 
 These beautiful fabrics were on the "Sale" shelf when I went for a recent visit.

 Look at all the notions!
 This is the Kansas City Troubles Corner.
 This is my favorite isle. Can you guess why?

I will be forever grateful for the Attic Window Quilt Shop and its owner.  Thank you Chris and thanks to your staff for such wonderful service.  Today I’d like to urge all of you to visit your Local Quilt Shop.  If you visit the Attic Window on Thursday and make a purchase you will receive a free fat eighth.

On Another Note: Blue Elephant Stitches has a tutorial for a Texas Star Quilt.

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!

Monday, January 21, 2013


 I stopped in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop this weekend to see how the Stitch-In was going.  I wish I could have joined them as they looked like they were having so much fun.  They also had lots to share.  First I want to show you this adorable bag.  Lee Ann is having a class on how to make Pick A Posy Bag on Thursday evening from 6-8 p.m. Note the cute little green posy on the side of the bag. Call the shop if you are interested.
 Rosa showed me her most recent finish, this large Scrap Sack Bag by Scrap Therapy.   I love the size of this bag.  I bet I could put a Featherweight machine in here, plus all the sewing supplies.  I’m going to have to make this one.
 Jill was working on this beautiful piece.  She said it was a practice piece when she took an Edyta Sitar class and now she is making it into a pillow.  Wish my practice pieces looked like that!
 Jill also showed me this darling wall hanging.  It is My Valentine by Frivolous Necessity.  This will look great in her house during the month of February!
 Peggy said that she came to the Stitch-In with the thought in mind of finishing a UFO or two.  However, she got sidetracked and started a new project.  Above is the Hovering Hawks block which she will use in the Simple Elegance quilt she saw in Quilt Magazine.
 Peggy said she found this perfect fabric for the border of the quilt.  It is Sunshine and Shadows by Jane Sassaman for Westminster Fabrics.
 Here is the block with the fabric.  Won’t this make a stunning quilt?
 Judi was working on this spectacular string quilt.  I love her bright fabrics and can’t wait to see the finished quilt.  CORRECTION:  Judi told me that the post about her last week here, was incorrect.  Her husband Ted designed the background but the pattern of the lady is by Sandi Bard.  This mistake was mine and I apologize for this error.
Rosa also showed us this “mouse” quilt that she made for her grandson.  She said she used Disney themed fabrics and added the mouse heads to the pattern.  How clever she is.  She said she is now going to make another one for her granddaughter and will also make matching pillows for both.  I think she loves those grandchildren, don’t you?
Here’s the group sewing away.   The next Stitch-In is February 15-17.  Be sure and register ASAP as space is limited.  What better way to spend a weekend than sewing with friends, getting some things finished, and enjoying good conversation and good food (I forgot to tell you about the spread on the food table!).  Hope to see you there!

On Another Note:  Do you ever wonder what to do with a Jelly Roll?  Crazy Creek Quilts has lots of free patterns.  You’ll spend plenty of time on this site, but it will be worth it.

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!

Friday, January 18, 2013


I thought I'd show you a few things that I've been working on this week.  Above is my first Scrappy Trip Around the World.  This is only four blocks and I'll add more.  They are fun to make, almost like seeing a mystery unfold.  I can't remember where I first saw this pattern or who wrote about it.  A lot of quilters have been blogging about it.  You can find the pattern  on Quiltville.
I’ve been cutting fabric for Terry’s Treasures 2013 Wiggly Whimsy Sew-Along.  As you can see the Charm pack I'm using is Happy by Moda.
I'm still hand sewing my Tea Leaves.  Remember I posted about them over a month ago when I posted about the Happy Scrappers Bee.  I like to have hand sewing to do when I'm watching TV.
 This table runner has been on the frame since before Christmas.  I took the large quilt that I had planned on quilting off the frame and put on this smaller item because I didn't want a large item taking up space when I just knew I'd have so many other things to quilt for the holidays.  Yeah, right.  Yesterday I finally got around to quilting this.  I admit that I procrastinated because I really didn't know how I should quilt it.  I finally made a decision and dove in.
I have been auditioning fabrics for this Modern Monday Quilt.  The 64 blocks are completed, and I really do need to get this together for my grandson.  Okay, I admit, I have a hard time making decisions.
And I've been cutting....doing lots of cutting.  Remember Ruth's quilt that I blogged about here?  I think I have most of the cutting done...well, not really.  I still have the red centers to cut (113 of those) and the sashings and corner stones, but I was thinking that since I'm not going to make a huge quilt like Ruth did, I should just make a couple blocks to see how things look.  Anyway, I'm sick of cutting.  You are probably thinking that she (me) is also a little scattered, unfocused.  Well, you might be right.  I get bored easily.  Still, you can't say I'm not getting anything done.  Remember how we were told as children to break those big chores into small chunks?  I'm just doing that.  I'm chunking! 

On Another Note:  I Heart Linen has a tutorial for a Crazy Star Quilt Block.  Check it out.

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!

Attic Window Teachers

Attic Window Teachers
Attic Window Teachers

Quilting for Kids With Cancer

Quilting for Kids With Cancer
Generosity has no bounds. Above are the women in the Quilts For Kids group at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Left to right, Henrietta, Phyllis, Nancy, Carol, Karen. These women donate their time, fabric, money once a month to make quilts for kids who have cancer.

Quilts For Wheels

Quilts For Wheels
Many thanks and much appreciation goes to the women who work diligently each month to make quilts for those in wheel chairs. Kudos go to: Yvonne, Mary T., Fran, Joan, Mary Ellen, Barb, Lee Ann, Nancy, Mary.
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