Friday, February 22, 2013


Isn’t this orchid beautiful?  It makes me think of spring and beautiful days ahead.  My daughter brought this orchid to me almost a year ago saying that she didn’t have enough light in her home and was afraid it would die and would I take care of it for her.  I have a wonderful room with lots of light but figured it would never bloom.  Years ago I belonged (briefly) to the Grand Rapids Orchid Society.  I learned about orchids and that you not only need light, but you need moisture and fans, and special foods, etc.  During my short stint in the Society the only thing I managed to do was watch the blooming plants that Paul gave me, never bloom again.
Of course, back then I didn’t have a house with so much light.  So, I said, sure I'd take the orchid.  Fortunately directions were attached and after she left, I decided to read them.  What a surprise when I read that all you need to do is add 3 ice cubes once a week!  Place in plenty of light (not direct sunlight) and avoid drafts.  Can anything be easier that that?  And it worked!  I love it and am enjoying its beauty.  Hope you are having a beauty filled day too!

On Another NoteStitch by Stitch has a couple nice tutorials for you.

Until next time,

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Terry said...

Your orchid is beautiful! I saw some once at the conservatory in Columbus. Not sure if I'd want to try to grow them or not though. We seem to have drafts everywhere in this house.

Barb said...

Your orchid is just beautiful!

Mary said...

Love your orchid. I am always surprised when mine bloom. I have a couple that are about too. I do not do anything special. They are in corner windows, a heat vent is under a bunch of them, and they are lucky if they get water one in a couple of weeks. There is an orchid show this coming weekend. Maybe I need another one?

Quiltluver said...

I love orchids, and yours is beautiful. There's a great orchid show this weekend at Michigan State.

It always makes me long for spring!

Miss Nancy said...

Beautiful orchid! And so easy to care for, who knew!

Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

Mama Pea said...

Beautiful. But I would kill it within a month. LOL

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