Friday, March 15, 2013


 I hesitated about showing you what I’m working on, but here goes.  Do you like these blocks above?  I don’t think there is a thing wrong with the pattern, but I’m not crazy about the fabric.  The blocks look blah to me. 
The other day while blog hopping I came across this post at Color My World.   Lisa took a block she didn’t like and made it into something totally different and very modern looking.  I liked it so much that I decided to take one of my blocks and do some slashing and sewing myself.
I wasn’t sure when I finished the first block…well not sure I’d call it finished, but I thought I better stop slashing and sewing and try another block.  I admit, I was having fun and was wondering what on earth I’d do with them now, when I placed them on top of this gray fabric and thought, I kind of like these.  So now my intention is to slash and sew a third block and make them into a table runner using this gray fabric as the background.  I urge you to try this.  It’s fun and gives you a sense of freedom…wanton abandonment.  LOL  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

On Another Note:
  • The Spring Fling Shop Hop will be held the week of April 12-20.  Seven shops are participating.  Daily drawings for $20 gift certificates from each shop.  Someone will be the winner of the grand prize: a Janome Sewing Machine!   Get your passport now for only $5. 
  • Quilters Road Trip will be held during the months of April, May, and June.  Twelve area shops are participating.  You get a chance to win a $25 gift certificate each month at each shop.  Also available will be new projects, patterns and giveaways.  Passports are only $5.

On Another Note:   Gen X Quilters has a tutorial for an interesting block. Certainly  more traditional than the one above.   Check it out.

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!


sew.darn.quilt said...

Now this is interesting. The fabric is not bad, but maybe something with more contrast? This would make an awesome modern in rich solids. What block design is this?

Annie said...

Wow, Caroll, boy did you give that block some life! An amazing transformation!

Sue said...

Well now. I think I will applaud your wreckless abandonment without actually trying it! LOL.
Happy National Day of Quilting!!

Barb said...

I loved those fabrics but did enjoy your slashing....great way to get rid of some anger issues (ha!)

Muddling Through said...

I like it! I think I've spent too much time with Bonnie Hunter. I'm finding that the more there is going on in a quilt block, the more I like it.

Lynn said...

I think I'll try this! I have some orphan blocks that could use some sprucing up.

Ellie Q said...

Love it, Caroll! Way to get brave and start slashing. Can't wait to see the table runner you make!

Mama Pea said...

Looks like you could take a lot of aggressions out on that!

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Quilting Teachers at the shop.
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