Monday, June 3, 2013


June’s first Sampler 2013 class was held Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  For those of you who attend later in the month and need to see what the blocks for this past month look like, you can find them here.  Above is the large block we will be making this month. 
This is one of the small blocks for this month.  Where is the other small block, you wonder?  It is a mystery.  Chris gave each of us two charm squares and told us to sew it on the opposite sides and bring it back next month for further instructions.  What fun.  I love a mystery.
We have lots of show-n-tell to share with you.  Above is the quilt Julie made.  Actually, she made two of these quilts!  She said they were from a Thimbleberries kit.  Her piecing is exquisite!
Judy R. showed us this darling quilt.  She said it was from a BOM that was held a few years ago.
Cathy M. showed us this tablerunner/wallhanging she made from the book Skinny Quilts by Kim Schaeffer. The pattern is Flower Pops.  She said it is for a friend who went to Africa and brought her back fabrics.  Cathy also told us that while the quilt was in a travel bag during a recent trip to Houghton, a small spot of the quilt got wet and dried and the solids ran.  Cathy emailed me today and said, “I washed it with a color catcher with an old towel and it came out the way it went in: spot in tack.  So I then washed it in color removal for when fabrics bleed.  That's when most of the solid fabrics went awry.  The African fabrics seem to have held all their colors! The dark green binding is now a khaki color.  Some of my green border squares are gray.  Some of my dark red strip centers in the border are now brown. My green marble is a lighter green with yellow running through it and the big surprise is the back.  The blue and brown stripes are now orange- gold and a funky gold.”  Cathy sent me a picture and I don’t think it looks any different from the one above.  
 This is a picture Cathy sent me.  You can see the difference in the color.

This is the back of Cathy’s quilt with a big piece of the African fabric. This picture was taken BEFORE Cathy's attempts to get rid of the color bleed.
And this is how the back looks now.  I'm sure it's still pretty, just not what Cathy had planned on.  Any suggestions for her? 
Judy D. made two quilts from last year’s Sampler. I love how Judy set these larger blocks on point and how she framed them.
Above is the other quilt Judy made.  I remember there were lots of small blocks (which I never finished making) in last year's Sampler.  It looks like Judy took those small blocks and and used them for the center of a block.  This quilt is darling.  She’s adding a border to this one and we helped her audition fabrics.  Hope she shows it to us when it is completed.
Robin said this was her goof-up.  I don’t know what was the goof.  It looks like a darling table topper to me.

A fun time was had by all.  Now to get this month’s blocks done.  No more waiting until the last minute!  I promise!

ON ANOTHER NOTECloset Crafter has a nice tutorial for a magic square pinwheel. 

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!


Lynn said...

Since she has already washed it with color remover I don't think there is anything she can do, other than use paint or markers, to put the color back. I would have suggested that instead of washing it with a color catcher just thrown in the washer, to baste the color catcher right over the spot then wash it. This often works better than if the color catcher is just loose in the washer. Using a bleach pen right on the spot might have also worked.

However, I think it is still very attractive!

Miss Nancy said...

Great show and tell!! Loved the sampler blocks, very well done! Great work, ladies! Thank you for the great link and for sharing.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

Mama Pea said...

That's a bummer about all the color changing. I know her pain. And I don't know how to help. I think it still looks good, so she will likely just have to go with it!

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