Sunday, July 23, 2017


I have finished some projects this past week and want to show them to you.  Above is a quilt that I made from blocks donated by the women in a Bee Hive I participated in last year. As I recall they were asked to use their brightly colored scraps to make these blocks.   I hate the new Picasa photo editor because you can't see the wonderful vibrant colors in this quilt.  If anyone has a better photo editor they can tell me about, please do.  Anyway, I love this quilt and thank the women so much for their blocks.
This is the quilt that Adrienne and I worked on during Happy Scrappers at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  She put our blocks together, added the borders and made the backing.  I sandwiched and quilted it and added the binding.  I love how this low volume quilt turned out.
This is a close up of the quilt.
I have worked on this quilt at Happy Scrappers for over a year.  I used scraps to make the blocks.  Again, I was unable to get the vibrant colors to show, but it is really a pretty quilt.  It will go to charity.  
This is a close up.  Ugh, the colors all look washed out!  So sorry.

  • Quilt Block Cookbook BOM, Monday evening, July 24
  • Tuesday Bee, Tuesday, July 25
  • Bee Hive, Wednesday, July 26
  • Quilt Block Cookbook BOM, Wednesday a.m., July 26
  • Freezer Paper Applique Class, Wednesday afternoon, July 26
  • Doll Bee, Thursday, July 27
  • Mega Bow Tucks Tote, Thursday evening, July 27
  • Machine Applique Scrappers, Saturday, July 29
  • Ivory Spring is part of a Christmas Blog Hop.  Check out her blog here for a link to the free patterns.
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bobbi said...

Oh scrappy quilts are my absolute favorites and all of these are fabulous, including your quilting Caroll! For my pictures I only use Microsoft Office 2010 which has its limitations (or is it just me LOL). Thanks so much for all of your efforts and I hope someone provides you with a clue to a fotoshopper you are happier using! Love and hugs, Bobbi

Kathy S. said...

Beautiful scrappy projects! Way to use them up.

Denice Barker said...

These are really pretty quilts even with a photo editor you don't like. Knowing you and your love of color we automatically adjust our eyes to a higher brightness level!

Annie said...

I am really getting inspired lately to start sewing my scraps together for pillows and quilts. Your scrappy quilts look so marvelous! I used to use GIMP when I was able to operate my laptop. Laptops have become to confusing with requiring a freakin' app for every little thing nowadays! I couldn't figure out the more techy stuff on GIMP, but the basics are easy enough to do.

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh Caroll these are just awesome!!!! I honestly can't pick a favorite! Too too pretty....

PicMonkey is the best photo editing program I've ever used, but I couldn't afford it for another year. They do have some free features, though. Now I use PhotoScape, completely free, it's been around a long time and it does enough for me. It's a free download.

Quilting Teachers at the shop.

Quilting Teachers at the shop.
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Quilts For Wheels
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Quilting for Kids With Cancer
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