Thursday, December 23, 2010


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our house to yours.  My daughter, granddaughter, and I were busy earlier this week baking cookies.  My daughter Chrystel with her beautiful smile is on the left.  I’m in the lavender sweater, and my gorgeous granddaughter Kim is in front (she is going to make a fantastic nurse).  We baked cookies at her house this year so 20-month-old Carter could be free to play with his toys.  Baking Christmas cookies has become a tradition with us and we always look forward to it.  I’m so sorry that my mother wasn’t there to join in the fun and be in the picture with us.  She felt it was just too much for her and she’d rather stay home and watch some TV and just enjoy the cookies later.  I believe when you are 93 you can do what you want, but we missed her.
These are some of the cookies we made. 
This is what happens when you turn your back for a second and 15-year-old Rob decides to do some taste testing. Notice how many are missing! That’s his mother’s hand snatching the cookie sheet away from him.  LOL Growing boys, you gotta love em.  Click on the picture and take a look at that showman picture on the stove.  Someone took an imprint of my great grandson's foot and made this cute snowman.  What a wonderful idea!

We all wish you the very best of holidays.
Stay Safe,


Kimberly Mason said...

OMGoodness! You guys are all so gorgeous and look so YOUNG!

And my favorite thing in the whole wide world in growing boys that steal cookies. I really miss that! When my boys come to visit I cook whatever they want to eat whenever they want to eat it. My youngest (19) said to me the other day, "Why didn't you cook for me like this when I lived here?" I replied, "You never would have left!" :P

Ivory Spring said...

What fun and sweet memories you just have! The cookies look yummy!

Allie said...

Look at you - you guys are beautiful!!! What a fun time - I'm so sorry your mum didn't feel up to it. I hope you took lots of cookies home! Love the footprint snowman, that is a really darling idea! Stay warm and have a wonderful Christmas, Caroll!

Mama Pea said...

Oh, Caroll, my first photo of you! You are not old! You are gorgeous and so is your family! If I can, I'm going to come up to GR over my break and visit the Attic Window so I can meet you, okay? :-) That snowman picture from the footprint is just adorable! Your grandson cracks me up. My brother is 8 years younger than I, and he used to do that to me when I was doing Christmas baking! You gotta love growing boys. Merry Christmas to you!

Barb said...

What a beautiful group of women you are....what fun as well. Yep....when you do reach that age, doing what you want should be priority....hope she enjoyed the cookies.

I don't think you and your family could bake enough cookies to fill that young mans hollow leg...HA!!! Cute kid.


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