Thursday, December 8, 2011


When I saw this cute little apron that Fern made for the Attic Window Quilt Shop I started thinking about aprons.   Why don’t I ever wear one?  Am I just lazy?  Or maybe I don’t dress up any more and who cares if my sweatshirt gets a spot on it.  Yikes!  Maybe I should care.  Do you know how hard it is to get some of those spots out of your shirts?  Then I wondered, does anyone wear an apron anymore?  I remember when my mother wore an apron.  She always put on her apron when she came home from work.  My grandmother didn’t work outside the home, but she always wore her apron while she worked around the house.  It wasn’t half an apron like above either.  It was a full apron that covered all of her, from her neck to her ankles.  Curious about the history of aprons, I Googled it and found this interesting article on Clotilde.  This article brought back wonderful memories and I hope you get a chance to read it.
 I found another article at the Apron Shoppe and according to them, aprons “are currently at the center of a renaissance as a chic and practical accessory for the modern woman."  Are you a modern woman?  Above is the other side of this reversible apron.
 I love the scalloped edge.  Become a modern woman.  Stop in at the shop, pick up an apron pattern and make one for yourself and a few as gifts. The pattern is from Sew, So Cute by Mary Engelbreit.

While visiting Elisa at Bits From The ScrapBasket I saw that she had a wonderful link for free redwork patterns.  They are darling.  I love cats and couldn’t resist these.
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Cathy said...

I wear an apron when I bake. Sadly they aren't very stylish as they are the aprons we received at the longshoreman's annual seafood chowdown. You certainly need to protect your clothes at that event. They do a great job of keeping me clean, even if they aren't fashionable.
Somedays I wish I had one like my daughters. Hers came from a SewBaby smock pattern. It has arms in it and covers her sleeves!
I'd be afraid of getting all of that pretty fabric dirty!

Barb said... the fabric used in this apron....just gorgeous.

Elisa (AKA scrapcat) said...

What is it about cats and quilters? Thanks for the mention :)

Allie said...

LOVE that apron!!! Yes, I wear an apron, but since I don't cook, I don't wear it in the kitchen, lol. I have an apron that Jenny made me, it has a large front pocket, and I wear it when I'm on the phone. I use a headset, and the pocket holds the phone. I also have a ton of vintage aprons, but only use the ones with pockets!
Love that story about the aprons!

Mama Pea said...

I never wear one either. But my MIL does whenever she cooks/bakes. They are kind of fun....


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