Friday, June 15, 2012


Sometimes I cannot believe me.  I try to stay organized.  I carry a little notepad with me when I go up to the Attic Window Quilt Shop so I can write down important information to go with each picture I take.  Agreed, it was a couple of weeks ago when I took these pictures, but do you think I can find that notebook anyplace!  I have looked high and low.  I have no idea what I did with it.  No doubt as soon as I write this post I’ll find it.  But I’m not going to wait around. Today I want to show you some more work by Barb Vis.  Remember I posted about her here and she is the one who made the tutorial for the scissors keeper (see side bar).  First I wanted to show you the above.  Julie’s Doll Bee was going on when I arrived and I get such a kick of seeing all these dolls resting in coffee cups waiting for their next stage of development. 
Look at these purses.  Barb made them.  Apparently she makes a lot of purses and decided to get rid of some, so these were laying on the table for anyone to claim as their own.  Aren’t they fantastic.
This is another purse by Barb, but as you can see it’s new owner is gripping it tightly.
Barb’s daughter made this lovely cross stitch.  And that is the reason I wish I could find my notes because Barb gave me her daughter’s age at the time she made this and her name.  I’m trusting my memory, but as I remember Barb said her daughter was only about 12 year old when she made this cross stitch picture and gave it as a present to their housekeeper.  When the woman died, Barb got the picture back and is going to hang it in her house.  If Barb’s daughter could do something like this at such a young age, can you imagine what she is doing now!  I’m amazed at this young woman’s talent.

Pins And Bobbins has a nice tutorial for a pickup sticks block.  Looks like something I want to try.

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Sue said...

That cross-stitch really caught my eye!! Mercy, what talent at such a young age!! It's adorable as are those purses. Love those!

Happy weekend to you!

Mama Pea said...

You'll find your list first thing tomorrow, now that you did the post and gave up looking! Haha. Wow! How nice of her to give away such nice purses! And that cross stitch is amazing. That is a LOT of work and color changes! Pretty!


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