Thursday, July 7, 2016


Well, I'm not a pro, but I thought talking about my prepping method for freezer paper applique might inspire you to try it.  I had to make a dozen of these little applique pieces above.  I wanted them to go around the perimeter of a quilt.  So I broke the prepping stage in half.  Instead of making one block at a time, I did the prep work for six blocks at a time.  To me, this was not only easier, but faster.

First I cut out six templates.  My freezer paper method is explained in full with pictures by clicking here.  After I made the templates for all the pieces, I placed them in like piles.  Then I ironed all the templates in one pile to the chosen fabric.  After they are ironed, I cut the pieces out leaving 1/4" of fabric around each template.

By doing six at once, the process seemed to go faster.  Above are all my templates waiting to be starched.

Before I used any starch I clipped in around the curved edges.

Then using a paint brush, I spread starch around the excess fabric, then pull the fabric around the template and iron to get a crisp edge.

Above are all the pieces ironed and ready to go.  Well, not exactly.  First I take out the freezer paper template, give it a quick tap of the iron, then place it on the fabric where I want it.  Once all the pieces are where I want them, I glue baste them in place so it is easy to carry the project with me and not worry about something moving or about losing a piece. Also, after the glue has dried I remove the pins. One less thing to worry about.

Above, the quilt I'm working on is draped across the frame.  As I finish my border pieces you can see that I place them on top so I have everything in one place.  I can't wait until this baby is finished!

I decided to show you how I do applique because so many have complained to me about the prep work.  This production method might not work when you are making just one unique block, but when you have to produce a number of the same blocks, I recommend the assembly line method.  If anyone has any questions about my method of applique, feel free to ask.

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Lynn said...

OH my! Looking forward to seeing this one when you get the top together. I just know it's gonna be fabulous.

Allie-oops Designs said...

That is the ONLY way to do it, as far as I'm concerned - it just makes life so much easier, lol! Thanks for the great tute! I still haven't tried it, but you make it look so easy. I too can't wait to see this one done~!


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