Thursday, November 4, 2010


Kelli Nina Perkins spoke last night at the Grand Rapids Public Library as part of their annual Celebration of the Book event. Kelli says that she is a mixed media artist, author and librarian, in no particular order. Her blog is one I frequently check. I have her book Stitch Alchemy and have read her How-To articles in the 2010 edition of Quilting Arts Magazine Gifts. You may have seen her on the TV show Quilting Arts. She lives in Holland Michigan and I love her artwork. Above Kelli holds up one of her first pieces in Stitch Paper.

Above is another piece of her work that she shared with us that night. Since this was the celebration of the book event, most of what she shared was her altered books. She demonstrated how she makes her Stitch Paper using layers of fabric, paper, and glue. She then showed us how she applies paints, inks, dyes and embellishments.

Above is another of Kelli’s handmade books. This creative woman has many ideas as to what can be done with Stitch Paper. There are numerous instructions in her book Stitch Alchemy and in the Quilting Arts magazine.

Check out her blog, book, and magazine articles. Above I directed you to Amazon because you can look inside the book and see what you are getting. You might find some unique Christmas gift ideas.

Stay Positive!


Barb said...

That just looks so fun and amazing....

Mama Pea said...

Cool! What channel is that show on? A local channel or a cable channel? I have heard of it but haven't seen it. I may try to drive up to GR this weekend to get some thread. I like Floriani embroidery thread and need some. I used to get it at Mr. J's here in town, but he closed. I heard there's one up in GR that's still open. Do you know if that's true? :-) I'll give them a call and see.

Allie said...

Neat - I really love that first piece. I'm now following her blog!


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