Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was blog hopping the other day and saw something interesting on Wayne Kollinger’s blog.  For those of you who might not have visited Wayne’s blog yet, it is a daily sketchbook full of design ideas for quilts.  I loved what he did in a past post making the blocks follow the Fibonacci sequence for getting various size blocks and that wonky look, but was too afraid to try them.  (You may have read how I struggle with piecing.)  Still I check his blog daily to see what interesting design he has for his readers.  The other day I saw a tessellation that I fell in love with.  Even though I shy away from piecing, I had to try this one. (No, I have not suddenly gone completely bonkers.)  Above are the two blocks I made.  

Wayne shows you various designs you can make with these two blocks.  I wondered how they would look when I put them together like this.

Then I tried this.  Since I have only made two blocks so far,  you can go to Wayne’s blog and get a better idea of how multiple blocks will look together. 

These are some of the suggestions Wayne has on his blog for arranging these blocks.  I made my blocks starting with three-inch squares.  I’m going to make some more as I think this will make for a beautiful table topper. Did you know that Wayne has a book out too?  Designing Quilts Is Easy is full of creative ways to design your own quilts.  Check out his blog daily for more creative design ideas. 

Since Wayne is giving you plenty to do today, I just have something for you to read.  The Quilted Paradise Newsletter had a nice article on making lightweight quilts for warm climates.  Check it out. 
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Linda said...

What a cool design!

Anonymous said...

I love his blog and read it all the time. I made (well needs to be quilted) a wall hanging from a block of his. I too was timid but I just broke it down and said to myself....sew 2 pieces together...now sew 2 more pieces together. Before long I had all my rows made. I was nervous about having seems match but then I noticed some very good quilters have photos on their blogs and their seams did not match exact either. So that makes me just as good as them too! :)

Lynn said...

I enjoy Wayne's blog too.

Wayne Kollinger said...


I'm glad that you are not just making my blocks but experimenting with them as well. Every block has 4 corners; so, if my calculations are right, there should be 10 ways to put these 2 blocks together. When you start making more than 2 blocks the possibilities exceed my ability to do math.

Sue is right about the cat tilting its head and that opens up a totally new line of thought. I had never considered that this design could be pictoral in any way.

I was surprised to hear that sewdaughter is making a wall hanging from one of my blocks. I hope she will email me a picture when it gets quilted.

Thanks for blogging about this block design. I know you'll be busy for a while sewing more blocks. I am eager to see what the finished product looks like.

Allie said...

I really like tessellating blocks. But I think I'll stick with applique.....

Mama Pea said...

That's neat. I like Waynes blog too. He has many creative ideas. I like what you are working on and can't wait to see more.

Allie said...

Caroll, just wanted to let you know that my emails to you keep bouncing back - not sure why - I'll keep trying!


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