Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I wanted to show you the little doll quilt that I made for my great granddaughter in Pennsylvania.  I have seen so many pretty pictures of quilts made with the Lil’ Twister tool and I had to try it.  I thought a small project would be best to start with.

The instructions were unusual (for me) as you put the squares together AND add the border.  Then you use the tool and cut.  Scary!

I loved the way it turned out.  It was like seeing magic before my eyes.  It was fast and fun and made me feel like a real piecer!  As far as I am concerned, there was only one problem.  You will notice in the previous picture that the ruler indicates that the quilt is around 31 inches long. This picture above shows that you lose about 10 inches in the process.

These are the pile of scraps I had left, which I will no doubt use in “making fabric” some day.  This was a fun project and I certainly would recommend getting the Lil’ Twister tool.  It comes in various sizes.  I think mine was the middle size…it is about 3 ½” square.

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Tea Rose Home has a nice tutorial for a darling key holder. 

While you are surfing you might also take a look at Unplugged.  This tutorial tells you how to get your home office wired for success.   It also gave me another reason to start saving those bread bag tags and get organized.
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Lynn said...

Your lil' twister quilt is so cute! That is a really neat tool.

Lots of Fabric 2 said...

Love the little twister doll quilt. I save all of my scraps never thought of making fabric out of left over scraps. Have a Happy New year.

Mary said...

The doll quilt turned out so cute. I love making things with the little twister tool. They come out so neat.

Mama Pea said...

That is really cute. I might have that tool. I'll have to look. I see these things, pick them up, don't have time to get to them right away, and then I forget that I have them. LOL. I'm so bad! What a great way to practice this!

Hettie Pringle /Stitchingmatters said...

Ah and here I hoped you'd give step by step photos. I have the tool and still don't get the instructions! Hope you show us how to 'make' fabric soon.

The Nifty Stitcher said...

Love your lil twister quilt. I bought one of those recently and I just can't stop playing with it !

Terry said...

I was a bit nervous cutting my first twister quilt. But they come out so great in the end! Yours is just lovely in those colors! :0)


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