Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I have lots of pictures to show you, and because there are so many, I’ll show some today and the rest tomorrow.  I took them at the Happy Scrapper’s Bee Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  Paula made the beautiful quilt above.  She said it was made from scraps and the pattern is from the Needle Love book. 
Quite a few of us are making the paper pieced log cabins with focus centers.  Above, Debby shows her most recent finish.  It is darling and I can just see the fun a child will have spying all the cute little focus cut centers.
Debby is quite prolific when it comes to quilting.  She already has this stack finished and ready to go into her next quilt. 
When Debby showed me this, I thought, Wow, she must be a very organized person and that's probably why she gets so much done.  She has organized her strips by color and keeps them in this box.  She used a stiff paper to create the sections.  How clever!  She said she'd bring some extra boxes next month for any of us who wanted to get organized. 
 Buffie shows us this Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt.  It was made by Sharon who did a wonderful job making this darling quilt.
We had a couple new participants.  Judy and Jennifer Lee are doing hand stitching.  I hope they didn’t think us too wild and will join us again next month.

Of course, we had plenty to eat.  A special thanks again to Rosa’s husband who made us cinnamon rolls.  Rosa said he sure must love us because it takes him two days to make them and she only gets them once a year at Christmas time.  We love him too! ;o)

Thanks also to Debby who brought beer bread and a special spread. Yumm!  And to Buffie who brought an outstanding spinach dip and crackers.  Needless to say, we did not go hungry!  A good time was had by all!

Stop by tomorrow for the rest of the story.

Katie’s Quilting Corner has a nice tutorial for a sewing machine mat. 

Until next time,

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Mama Pea said...

I was so sad I missed it. Seriously, several times during the day I thought of you guys and wished I had made the trip. I really love Debby's quilt. I need to get on the stick with these. I want to trade some fabrics with you. I've been collecting. I don't think Elsa ever thanked you for the little squares you sent. I'm sorry! She just loved them!

Nancy Page said...

Love your Happy Scrappers! The quilts are lovely and bright! Well done, ladies!
Great tutorial on your link, love the sewing machine mat! Thank you for sharing.

Have a super great sewing and stitching day!


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