Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today I want to show you some of the modern quilts that I saw at the West Michigan Quilter’s Guild show.  This first one is called Rooflines #2 by Colleen Kole.  She said that this series has been inspired by the rooflines at the local botanical gardens.  It is made with hand dyed fabrics and free hand cutting. 
I love the name of this one – Watermelon.  Doesn’t it look just like the center of a watermelon?  Sue Cortese made this original design/free form pieced from her hand dyed fabrics.
Tulip/Deconstructed Circles is by Elizabeth Brandt and quilted by Terri Watson.  It began in a Nancy Crow workshop but was later deconstructed and reconfigured.  This quilt won second place in the 2-Person Large Wall Quilt-Pieced Technique.
Loving Lucy is by Colleen Kole.  I love the artist statement in the Program:  This is an improvisationally cut and pieced quilt inspired by the colors at the local country fair; billboards, carnival ride lights, and fair attendees’ bright clothes.  And then my dog ate a chunk of the top so it became more improvisational.  Hand dyed fabrics, freehand cutting.  Loving Lucy won second place in the Small Wall Quilt – Pieced Technique category.
Interstellar Suite is by Dan Burke.  The pattern is by George Siciliano.  There are 100 pieces in this small 10 ½” square quilt.
On another note:  If you still have time to blog hop, check out Bee In My Bonnet for an easy tree block tutorial.

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Mama Pea said...

Haha! You have some of the same photos as I do! Those first two were some of my faves, too! You'll see when I post about them! LOL.


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