Friday, October 12, 2012


Today is the last of the pictures that I took at the West Michigan Quilt Guild show last weekend.  Above is Crepe-Paper Poppies by Michele Lyons-Russell.  She said it is from the book “Flower Show Quilts” by Lynn Ann Majidimehr and published by that Patchwork Place.  Michele says that poppies are one of her favorite flowers.  Mine too.  I’d love to have this quilt on my living room wall.
These next two quilts are awesome.  Above is The Purple House by Julia Voake; Lakeshore Fiber Artists/Wyoming; and is quilted by Lakeshore Fiber Artists/Wyoming.  This design was inspired by a Grand Rapids Heritage Hill house.  A photo was turned into a line design, blown up to 36" X 36", and divided into 16 squares and two trees.  Each square and tree was made by a different group member.  Then it was reassembled to make a very “funky” house.
The Red House is also by Julia Voake and the Lakeshore Fiber Artists/Knapp.  This design was inspired by a Heritage Hill house also.  Again, a photo was turned into a line design, divided into 16 squares and two trees and distributed to various group members.  It was then reassembled to make this fantastic house.  It is amazing to me how all these people can work on a piece of the quilt and when it is assembled it looks like this!  Wonderful!
I had to take a picture of this:  Best Friends by Judy Mayhak.  It makes me smile and speaks to me because of all the wonderful quilting friends I’ve met over the years.  Judy says that this quilt was made for her granddaughter.  She was moving from Illinois to Colorado and leaving friends.  She has a name for most of the friends and she picked the fabrics to match the personalities of her friends.  The pattern idea was taken from a magazine.
I had to take this picture because the pattern came from a fellow blogger.  The Bunny Tree is by Lisa Kishman.  It was made for her daughter, Erin, for her 2012 high school graduation.  It was adapted from the Lilly Pilly pattern by Kellie Wuhlfsohn of Don't Look Now

I have one last quilt to show you.  It is unbelievable!  It was not in the quilt show, but was down at Art Prize in Grand Rapids.  Look at Fraser Smith Sculpture.  Yes, I said sculpture as it is made completely of wood.  

On Another Note:   Skip To My Lou has a nice tutorial for a crayon roll holder.  This Christmas gift!

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!


Annie said...

Those house quilts are incredibly fascinating! I love the idea on how they were created. Thanks for sharing those, Caroll.

Karen said...

All the photos from the quilt show are wonderful. What amazing, talented quilters!
I followed the link to Fraser Smith Sculpture and could not believe my eyes! It looks incredible.

Nancy Page said...

Such amazing quilts! They are gorgeous! Love the tree with pink leaves and the Best Friends. They do make you smile and feel really good. Thank you for sharing and for the links. The quilt made of wood was incredibly amazing!

Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

Mama Pea said...

Again, we have the same photos! I have the red house and the tree! LOL. A couple of my faves!


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