Sunday, May 17, 2015


Rosa got several of us women to gather at the Attic Window Quilt Shop this past Saturday to sew pillowcases and composition book covers to be given to Safe Haven, a local shelter for battered and abused women and children.  Above Rosa shows us the progress she's made on her book cover.
Rosa had already made her pillowcases with these cute little ruffles.  They were our inspiration.
Lee Anne got busy and made the ruffle for her pillowcase.
HOT TIP!  Lee Anne said she zigzags dental floss onto the fabric that she wants to gather.  This way she can be assured of nice gathers and that the dental floss won't break when she is in the middle of gathering it, like thread often does.  Great idea!
 This is a close up of some of the pillowcases.
Here are a bunch of them together.  We got quite a few made.  I love the fabrics used.  I must note that the two on the top (yellow and pink) did not have the ruffles because I made them and was busy dealing with other problems.  I want to thank sweet Jane for donating these fabrics.  You may remember that last week Jane brought a bag of scraps to Happy Scrappers for us to enjoy.  I pulled out two large size pieces and was determined to use them for pillowcases.  They were not quite large enough so Rosa helped me adjust and be creative to make nice size pillowcases.  Now that I see how darling these others look with the cute ruffles I wish I had done that.  Thank you Jane for the fabric donations.
 Judi A. shows us her pillowcase.  If you click on the picture you might be able to see that there are fish on the pillowcase. She was worried about the direction the fish were swimming.  She said she didn't want the person to think the fish were swimming up his nose!  LOL  Cute pillowcase.
Joyce shows us her darling pillowcase with a cute ruffle. 
Now for the book covers.  Above is the one I made. Did you know these composition books come in different sizes?  They may look the same, but the one I had was just a wee bit smaller than the ones that Rosa had for us.  So, be sure and measure carefully when making these.
Above is Peggy with her book cover.

Judi shows her her book cover.  It is a work in progress.

Diana finished her pillowcases and decided to do some work on her Sew Together Bag.

Jill shows us her Sew Together Bag that she worked on between helping customers.

Adrienne shows her applique block that she finished.  She said she'd been working on it for about a week and for some reason the colors were giving her fits.  It took her several tries, but she finally decided on the above.  Love it.

  • UFO Day, Monday, May 18
  • Civil War BOM, Wednesday, May 20
  • El’s Kitchen BOM, Wednesday, May 20
  • Sedona Quilt, Wednesday, May 20
  • Stitch-In, Saturaday, Maay 23
  • New - Beginning Shuttle Tatting, Thurs Jun 4 10am-12pm
♥ Caroll,
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Lynn said...

Such great projects! Love all the pillowcases.

Allie said...

Those pillowcases are wonderful, with or without the ruffles! I LOVE your book cover!

Mama Pea said...

That sew together bag is really fun to make!


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