Monday, May 11, 2015


 Yesterday I promised I would share more news from Adrienne, our Kiwi friend who recently returned home to New Zealand to buy a “summer” home.  Summer is in quotes because when it is winter here in Michigan it is summer in New Zealand.  Today we get to see pictures of her new place.  Above is a picture of sections of the house being installed.
When I asked Adrienne what it is, a shipping crate, a rail car, a container?  This is what she wrote:
“The correct name is Modular Container Housing. If you want to see some amazing photos Google "container house pictures"....they make mine look a bit boring. People build these all over the world, mostly Europe, and have done so for many years. Housing has been trending to smaller ecological footprint in style, for about three decades as cities become more and more congested. We really don't need 4,000sq. ft. for mum, dad and two kids, wasting money heating and cooling it when we are gone most of the day anyway.“
This is the kitchen.  Isn’t it beautiful?  In another picture, there is a lovely rug on the floor, however, the picture was a little blurry, so I’m posting this one.  Adrienne says,  “Our container house has the capability of being equipped with solar panels, and collection of 'grey water' ( shower and dish water) to use on gardens, so can be totally off the grid.”
Above is the pantry.  Adrienne purchased some decals from Ikea and placed them on her pantry doors.  Note the rug on the floor.  This is the rug I was talking about in the previous photo.  The rug is also from Ikea.
Above is one of the bedrooms.   “We have two queen sized bedrooms with built in large closets, a fully tiled bathroom with a walk in glass shower, toilet, vanity, utility cupboard, big kitchen and the front 1/3rd is all living area with a dining table and chairs seating 6, two couches, one has a pullout queen sized bed, IKEA built in wall units with tons of storage. Flat screened TV, and the front has tri-fold glass door that pushes open to one side, and a fixed panel of windows on the other side, and a small deck which we are going to make larger. Flooring is tile in bathroom, kitchen and deck, and bamboo in bedrooms and living area, all easily cleaned. Hot water uses an 'on demand' system, gas tanks for cooking and hot water. Low voltage 20watt lighting through out.”
“New Zealand has quite a 'green eco friendly' name and so we decided to go with that concept, especially as we will probably live in it only 5 or 6 months each year. We view it more in the sense of a beach house, or cottage, a 'get away' place. So we bought two 40ft containers completely stripped out and re-purposed as a small house of 750sq ft. It is double glazed, insulated for Alaska to Arizona, sound proofed, unaffected by earthquakes up to 9.3, and we have been experiencing several 5.7 to 7.3 earthquakes over the last four years, a governing factor in our choice of materials. They are considered 'homes' but just not in traditional materials of wood and brick, and steel lasts way long than any of those materials anyway. “

Thanks you Adrienne for sharing your new home with us.  It is adorable and really has me thinking about being more "eco friendly."  BYW, Adrienne says that if anyone has any questions just let her know.  You can contact her by leaving a comment here on the blog or sending me an email.

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♥ Caroll,
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Lynn said...

I'd love a home like this. It's gorgeous! But where is her sewing space?

Adrienne said...

Hi Lynn, I have had an extension 'flap' added onto the end of the kitchen counter for the machine, and he dining table will be my cutting, pressing area. One of those big cupboards with the poppies on is full of fabric and quilting gear.

Allie said...

That is purely brilliant - LOVE the poppies and rug, and all those windows, oh my gosh what a beautiful, liveable space to call home. You're right Caroll, I want!!!


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