Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is my fourth Aunt Millie’s block. I had such a time finding fabrics for this one. I didn’t realize how hard purple is to work with. I guess since the color purple is associated with both royalty and spirituality I shouldn’t be surprised. But I love the delicate colors in flowers like the Iris or the Lilac. Since this color is made up of a mix of reds and blues, it’s compliments are many. But choosing that compliment was just as difficult since it depended on the amount of blue or red in the purples I was working with. I thought the pink added a nice feminine touch. According to Feng Shui this color should be used sparingly. I think this one block of purple will be just enough for my quilt, don’t you.? PS: I haven’t shown this to my mother yet.

Red Pepper Quilts has a great tutorial for a lovely quilt made out of scraps. You must see it because my words just do not do it justice.

Saw this over at Jane’s Fabrics and thought you might be interested too. Go to RS Island Crafts and scroll down and read about the Downy Quilt Project. Downy sends you the fabrics, you put the quilt together, supply the batting and send to Downy when finished. Check it out.

Until Next Time, Happy Quilting,


Millie said...

The Aunt Millie's Block has such a lovely design. The color's you picked work so well together. I'm sure any quilt you make with this block will be amazing.
Happy Quilting,
p.s. The name is another reason I love the block. :)

Vicky F said...

Yet another great block. You sure are a fast appliquer (is that a word?). Some time you'll have to show your blocks together for fun.
Vicky F

Cathy said...

I'm loving your Aunt Millie's blocks Caroll, love the colours you are choosing. xo

Mrs Moen said...

Your Aunt Millie's block is wonderful, and has just the perfect colour combo!
Since I love purple, I don't think there is such a thing as too much purple:-)

Micki said...

Your Aunt Millie Blocks are turning out so nice!
Great job!

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Quilting Teachers at the shop.
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