Friday, October 23, 2009


I need some help please. I put these unfinished blocks on the design wall for a reason. Let me explain why. I saw at Freda’s Hive that Nanette had a new pattern. The name is Kettles in the Kitchen and is darling with blocks of teapots and houses. Makes me feel warm and comfortable just writing about it. I love teapots and couldn’t wait to try my hand at making a couple blocks. I remembered a pattern I had saved from a magazine for a table topper with teapots. The directions call for a buttonhole stitch in black thread around the teapots defining the lid and base area. I put up some pieces on the design wall to see if I had to do that. I get a little obsessed with my stitches not being even. In addition, I think a black buttonhole stitch will be too heavy for the look I want. My question is do you think I need to do something to define the teapots and if so would you recommend the buttonhole stitch with black thread or something else? I appreciate your help.

Are you ready for Christmas? I guess now is the time to start thinking about starting those projects. Debbie Mumm has a pattern for a Santa Door Banner.

Until Next Time, Happy Quilting,


Anita in Florida said...

Caroll, I personally LOVE the buttonhole stitch and in black it always looks great...defines everything. Gonna be a great quilt!

andsewon said...

Love your block!!
With your vintage look I think the black would look great. I use my machine button hole stitch
You could go with a white to with the fabrics you are using.

Terry said...

I've often used the buttonhole stitch in the same color as the fabric, in this case red. It adds some texture without standing out a lot. Just depends on the look you want. :0)

Tudy said...

I am not a quilter but I love to stitch and just a back stitch as an outline would show it but not as strong and use fewer strands of floss, maybe 2 would give you a line but not so strong.

Joyful Quilter said...

You have such fun bright colors, what about choosing a different color with each teapot...I think the red would great with a yellow blanket stitch. Yellow teapot with green, blue teapot with red...etc.

Barb said...

I agree....button hole the teapot

Miriam said...

I have used buttonhole stitch on quite a few things. Using black floss, with just 1 or 2 strands, would make the teapot stand out more. if you want to keep the look you have now use a matching thread. I have used normal sewing cotton for this. if you are concerned about the evenness of your stitches, don't be. When you stand back the stitches don't stand out that much. Otherwise you could always use your sewing machine.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Your quilt looks great!!

Vicky F said...

Hi Caroll,
I vote that you don't HAVE to put buttonhole stitch on these blocks. That's just one style of quilt, but you can make up your own style. If anyone says anything, tell them to make their own tea pot quilt! Hah!
Vicky F

Allie said...

I'd probably do a buttonhole stitch in red. I do like it in black, to define the pattern, but it really depends on the look I'm going for. Does your machine have a buttonhole stitch?


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