Tuesday, June 16, 2015


 It is my understanding that Janalee gave a fabulous demonstration at the Happy Scrappers last Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  I'm so sorry I missed it.  However, I'm thrilled that Diana graciously sent me pictures to share with you.  Above Janalee shows the group how to make a Disappearing Hour Glass.
 Janalee is relatively new to quilting and I'm so proud of her for doing this.  I have always heard that if you want to really know something, you should teach it. 
 Above,  Janalee smooths out the first steps in this block.

 Here, she has the block squared up and gets ready to cut it all up.  That cutting is always the scary part for me.
 Janalee makes the first cut in the block.
 I'm not sure you can see it above, but she has made several cuts into the block in preparation for making a totally different block.

 Now Janalee starts to reassemble the square.
 As you can see, the one block has been cut into nine different squares.
Above, Janalee shows us her reassembled block into this beautiful star.  I have heard from some of those in attendance on Saturday that Janalee is an excellent teacher.

Janalee I want to thank you for answering my request that you demonstrate this technique.  And thank Diana for taking the pictures.  I understand that there was some frivolity going on during the day and everyone was having so much fun no more pictures were taken.   That is such a fun group I can only imagine what they were up to.  Hope to see everyone next month.  This is an open group and anyone is welcome to join us.  Just check the calendar for dates and times.

  • Stitch-In, Saturday, June 20
  • Row by Row begins June 21.
  • Diana’s new Divalicious wallet wallet class is June 22.
  • Sew Can She has a tutorial and free pattern for a Tetris Themed Tablet Case.
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Lynn said...

I love the disappearing hourglass block. Those quilts are so pretty and fun to make.

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Quilting Teachers at the shop.
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