Wednesday, April 15, 2015


 Marilyn’s Sew Together Bag class was held recently at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  Above Marilyn (left) and Yvonne discuss the details of making this bag.
Above is Yvonne’s bag in the works.  Love those fabrics.
Lois shows us how far along she got in making her bag before she had to leave for the day.  Hope I get to see the completed bag.
Cathy M. Shows us the fabrics she used for making her bag.  Unfortunately, she had to leave class early too.
Cathy did go home, walked her dogs, then finished making her bag and sent me some pictures.  Above is her completed Sew Together Bag.
This is the inside of Cathy’s bag.  You can read more about Cathy’s bag on her blog here
I had difficulty finishing this bag (no surprise there!)  Above is my finished bag.   Each time I make something like this, I swear I’m sticking to only making flat from now on!  However, I’m glad I took Marilyn’s class because it stretched my skills.
And did I need Marilyn’s help in making this bag.  She is an excellent teacher and despite my many difficulties, Marilyn helped me this bag.  I don’t think my stitching is what one would call "quality" so I doubt I will give it as the gift I had intended.  I'll just put it in a prominent place on my sewing table as a reminder that it is good to struggle and tackle new projects and learn and grow too. After all, as I read in "Brain Power Game Plan" by Cynthia R. Green, PhD, stretching my brain will keep my cognitive wheels turning.  At my age that is important!

Thanks Marilyn for being such a patient teacher and making this a fun and rewarding class!

  • Vickie’s Intertwined Quilt, Friday, April 17.
  • Diana’s Diva Wallet, Saturday, April 18.
  • Marilyn’s Coin Purse, Monday, April 20.
Caroll, ♥
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Allie said...

Well I think you did a great job, Caroll! It doesn't look easy at all. Great way to keep your brain active though, as you said!!

bobbi said...

Great Job Caroll! I finally gave it a go myself this week but next one will have your the scrappy look using several different fabrics and zips like yours--love it! Had to fiddle with the first one (still, next day a friend came by and happily begged it off me :o)) but the second one is better and already cutting 8 more...try it again, you´ll see it gets easier! Hugs, Bobbi

Lynn said...

I think the secret is to be sure that your thread matches your fabrics for this one, especially the binding fabric. My stitching isn't perfect either. I love your bag and it looks great!

Annie said...

From my seat I cannot tell what you are disappointed with on your bag. It looks great from here. I love this bag for traveling with the cosmetics. All of you worked with fun fabrics and colors.


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