Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The Happy Scrappers met Wednesday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  Above, shop owner Chris looks over her card and presents that we gave her for her birthday.  Lots of good food helped us to celebrate too.  Hope you had a wonderful time Chris!
After the party we had some show and share.  Above Marti shows us a pillow top that she made from a UFO block.
Marti said that a group that she belongs to urged members to use their UFO blocks to make pillows for Hospice.  What a wonderful idea!
And here is the third pillow top that Marti showed us.  She's been busy doing good deeds.
Mary showed us her finished QAYG quilt.  Isn't it beautiful!  I love all those bright fabrics.

Jane shows us this quilt that she made.  It is hand tied.  She said she made it from her scraps!

Cathy M. showed us her Freedom Rings quilt.  She just got it back from the quilter.  This was a BOM a year or so ago.  I understand you can still get kits for this beautiful quilt at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.
This is a closer view.

And this is a closer view of the quilting.  It was quilted by Carol Huster.  If you are interested in having Carol quilt for you, you can contact her at 616-866-4767.  She does beautiful work!

  • Happy Scrappers meets Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. 
  • Marilyn’s Sew Together Bag class is Monday, April 13.
  • Diana’s Glam Shell Bag, Thursday, April 16.
  • Ivory Spring has a free pattern for a darling baby blanket.  
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Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!

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Lynn said...

Such beautiful projects!


Attic Window Teachers

Attic Window Teachers
Attic Window Teachers

Quilting for Kids With Cancer

Quilting for Kids With Cancer
Generosity has no bounds. Above are the women in the Quilts For Kids group at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Left to right, Henrietta, Phyllis, Nancy, Carol, Karen. These women donate their time, fabric, money once a month to make quilts for kids who have cancer.

Quilts For Wheels

Quilts For Wheels
Many thanks and much appreciation goes to the women who work diligently each month to make quilts for those in wheel chairs. Kudos go to: Yvonne, Mary T., Fran, Joan, Mary Ellen, Barb, Lee Ann, Nancy, Mary.
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