Thursday, January 5, 2012


The Attic Window Quilt Shop has a monthly Sampler program.  I enjoy getting together with this group and sharing our blocks and talking about techniques and how to improve on making a block.  Originally I joined in the hopes of improving my piecing skills.  Above is a picture of what this month’s block should look like.

Lynn had suggested that my problem might be in my pressing.  She told me what to do and I took care in pressing these half square triangles and cutting them to exact squares.

 This is how my block turned out.  I swear to you I was not drinking.  I don’t know what happened.  I must not be able to read directions…or maybe “follow” directions.  Anyway, this is my block and I’m sticking to it.
This is the bonus block for this month.  Can you now understand why I love applique?
Can you believe it’s time to think about Valentine’s Day?  Quilt Inspiration has lots of free heart and valentines patterns.  Better get started now. 
Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!


Terry said...

Honestly...I like your block better! :0)

Allie said...

And THAT is why I hate piecing, lol! But like Terry, I like your block better too! And I LOVE the applique one, what a superb flower. DARLING!

Linda said...

I'm sorry but I laughed!! :-) I think your block looks awesome. Leave it, if it doesn't matter. No one will ever be able to say that isn't your quilt. The appliqueblock is gorgeous too.

Vicky F said...

Hi Caroll,
I laughed too, because you set me up! Maybe you're dyslexic? You get credit though; the block IS square!

Your appliqué block is outstanding!
Take care.

Vicky F

Mama Pea said...

Caroll, you are so funny! I do stuff like that all the time! Looks like your half-square triangle turned out great! I love both of your blocks. :-)

Mary said...

I see what you mean!! I just finished a top, and when I was making the blocks, thought for sure I had made it right. Well, not so much. It is going on the back of the quilt, as part of the back art. Love it, love it!

Lynn said...

LOL! I love your block too!

Barb said...

I like your block....just call yourself a free spirited quilter

unfinishedquilts said...

I Love the new block! Turned out beautiful!


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