Monday, December 2, 2013


Craft Day was held this past Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop and a great time was had by all!!!  We sewed all day long, creating the five projects offered that day.  Kits for each project included instructions and all the fabric, batting, zipper, and stabilizer needed to finish the projects.   Above, Chris (owner) instructs us on how to make this darling snowman pillow.

 We made two hot pads using this pretty Christmas fabrics.  Above Pam shows us her hot pad.
 Mary finished making hers.
 Rosa made a nice hot pad too.
Phyllis got hers finished.
This is Nancy's hot pad.
That Diana....she out did us all.  Notice the sparkling square in the center of her hot pad.  She said she will turn the edges back like you would in a cathedral window.  How cute!
Then Chris gave us instructions for making this great table runner.  (More about that later.)
I caught Carol H. working on the floor to make her table runner sandwich.  This was quite a process and putting together this sandwich and doing the quilting was different from any stitch and flip that I had done in the past. 
Then we made a fantastic little bag out of vinyl.  There are so many pretty vinyl fabrics available now and I’ve wondered how it would be to sew with it.  This was a great opportunity to give sewing with vinyl a try.
Here, Chris instructs us on how to make the pinwheel, which was our fifth project.  I didn’t get mine finished and brought the kit home in the hopes of finishing it before Christmas.
Above are the items I made. The little green square of fabric is for the yet-to-be-made pinwheel.
I had to show you my snowman pillow close-up.  Check out the blue bow.  Chris painted the eyes and blushed the cheeks for us.  I still have to sew the ends and make it into a pillowcase.
I have to tell you about this table runner.  Notice now flat it lays now (I'm still stitching the binding).  When I first sewed the strata together then ironed it, it was wonky and warped.  That is the only way I know to describe it.  What did I do wrong?  For one thing I did not follow instructions.  TIP:  when sewing strata, alternate the way you sew the strips.  Sew one strip down ↓ then sew the next strip in the opposite direction, up ↑.  I know I heard Chris tell us that, but I thought she was talking about the quilting, not the sewing of strips.  So, I spent that evening un-stitching, then ironing and starching to make sure each strip was straight.  Then I re-sewed the pieces together and made this nice flat table runner.  My mother always said that you shouldn’t go to bed at night unless you have learned something that day.  Trust me, I learned a lot on Craft Day! 
What a great time!
 I’m looking forward to the next Craft Day.

ON ANOTHER NOTEStitch Lines has instructions for making a beautiful place mat.  Looks great in holiday fabrics.

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!


Mama Pea said...

How fun. That looks like it was a good time! Hope you had a great holiday!

Lynn said...

What a great crowd! How many attended?

Love that snowman pillow! So cute!

bobbi said...

I love all of your snowmen too, what fun you´re all having!
Now you´ve (re-)practiced sewing strata without the unstraight "banana" effect, I wonder if you´ve tried any bargellos yet?
Love and hugs from Germany! Bobbi

Createology said...

Uber adorable snowman pillow. Love the hot pad trivets too. Great vinyl bag. December Delights...

Nancy Page said...

You ladies are very creative! Love all the things you have made! Perfect for the Holidays!! Thank you for sharing and for the super great link!

Have a super great sewing, stitching, and crafting day!


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