Sunday, September 24, 2017


 Not much going on this week.  It has been terribly hot in Michigan and I've been fighting a cold so I didn't get to the Attic Window Quilt Shop to take pictures of the exciting things going on there.   However, today I had some excitement.  I woke up to find a dozen turkeys in my backyard.  To me, a city gal, that got me excited and I ran for my camera.  I still live in the city, but the deer and turkeys come by each day from the near by woods.  I have the best of both worlds.  I love it here.
My yard is fenced, but this must be how they got in.  Hopping over the fence.  The deer do that hopping over the fence thing too when they think they need to eat my Hosta's.  Thankfully, my neighbor puts out food for them so they don't need to come into my yard any more.  
I did get the table runner finished and sandwiched but can't decide how I want to quilt it.  So...
I played with some EPP and cut out some new templates.  Gads, I have got to get focused and finish a project!  It must be this crazy Michigan weather that is making me so lazy.  Who ever heard of 95 degrees in late September!

  • To pick up your passport for the The Country Fair Road Tour of 2017 held October 12, 13, & 14
  • UFO Day, Monday, Sept. 25
  • Bee, Tuesday, Sept. 26
  • Beginning Machine Quilting, Tuesday, Sept. 26
  • Bee Hive, Wednesday, Sept. 27
  • Cookbook BOM, Wednesday, Sept. 27
  • Beginning Hand Applique, Wednesday, Sept. 27
  • Doll Bee, Thursday, Sept. 28
  • Beginning Quilting, Thursday (afternoon and evening), Sept. 28
  • Stitch-In, Friday, Sept. 29
  • Machine Applique Scrappers, Saturday, Sept. 30
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Annie said...

Caroll, I just arrived in Wisconsin and brought the California weather with me! What? aren't happy about that? Not to worry, it's going to cool down lickitysplit. Love seeing the wild life in your yard and the neighbor's yard. That bow table runner looks great! Yes, why is it so difficult to stick with one project until done???


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Attic Window Teachers
Attic Window Teachers

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Quilts For Wheels
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Quilting for Kids With Cancer
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