Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I got my shot of dopamine today, did you? I know you can get your shot of dopamine by shopping at the Attic Window Quilt Shop, but I've been nursing a cold and won't be going there until Wednesday.   According to the internet, dopamine is a chemical in your body.  Simon Sinek says that you can get your shot of dopamine, that feeling of pleasure, by shopping, or exercising, or just by making a list and marking accomplishments off that list.  (You can listen to his inspiring talks on You Tube.)

Yesterday, Annie, a reader from Wisconsin, emailed me that she too had UFOs and had difficulty getting things accomplished.  She asked the question, "Why is it so difficult to stick with one project until done?"  I have often wondered that myself!  As I walked away from my computer I thought about Simon Sinek's words about list making.  What had happened to my daily list?  I realized over the past few months I’d become very lazy and stopped doing that.  So I got out my paper and put "Finish Christmas Table Runner" at the top of my list.

Determined, I worked all day quilting that table runner and spent this morning adding the binding.  I may have gotten a shot of dopamine when I checked it off my list, but I also learned a few things:
  1. I need a plan.  I am disgruntled, unhappy, and totally dissatisfied with the quilting on this table runner.  It had sat on my work table for days as I tried to decide how to quilt it.  Unable to make a decision, I just picked it up and started quilting.  Big mistake!
  2. Never be in a hurry.  I should have given myself a time frame and not tried to finish it in one day.  Hurrying makes for sloppy work.
  3. It is best to practice, practice, practice before you start free motion quilting on a new project.  I hadn’t done any free motion quilting in a while and was really out of practice.  So, now I intend to add practice to my daily list.  Even if it is for only 15 minutes!
This is another picture of the table runner.  I loved the pattern.  It is from the book Angles With Ease 2 and by Heather Peterson of Anka's Treasurers.
I have to show you this backing.  This beautiful piece of fabric was in the bag of scraps that Cathy gave me.  It was perfect for this Christmas table runner.  Thank you Cathy!

  • To pick up your passport for the The Country Fair Road Tour of 2017 held October 12, 13, & 14
  • Bee Hive, Wednesday, Sept. 27
  • Cookbook BOM, Wednesday, Sept. 27
  • Beginning Hand Applique, Wednesday, Sept. 27
  • Doll Bee, Thursday, Sept. 28
  • Beginning Quilting, Thursday (afternoon and evening), Sept. 28
  • Stitch-In, Friday, Sept. 29
  • Machine Applique Scrappers, Saturday, Sept. 30
  • My Bear Paw has a tutorial for a Liberty Pants Panda.  It is so cute and I wonder if it will fit inside an Altoids Tin?  It will make a cute gift for my little great granddaughters.
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Denice Barker said...

I don't get it. Why are you so unhappy with the quilting on it? It looks like straight lines to me, with little angles at the bows. It might not be what you thought you wanted, but you are admitting you didn't know what you wanted and by just letting your mind take over this is what your mind chose! Don't be so hard on yourself! And besides, if it's anything like the table runners I use, it's going to have coffee or oatmeal spilled on it soon enough!

Annie said...

It's frustrating to finish a project with a less than desirable outcome. We are always toughest on ourselves. I think it looks fine, but I do know exactly how you feel. Good for you, Caroll, for making that list and getting to it. While I was packing it was brought to my attention how much I have started and not completed. But I've also completed lots as well, so it doesn't weigh too heavily on my mind. I do want to work on finishing those items though. And now that there should be a little more time for that....some day, I hope I get my doses of Dopamine along with some finishes. I love the look of your new Christmas table runner. Once you adorn it, you won't notice the quilting so much and you'll feel better about it...I'm sure.


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